February 6, 2012

The Conclusion – with a Twist

According to the calendar, it’s been over 7 months since my last post here at Dryvetyme Onlyne. To be honest with you, I’ve really enjoyed not writing music reviews on what seemed to be a perpetual basis. Have I missed writing them? Absolutely. Do I feel like working a full-time job and attempting to operate a D-List music blog on a nearly full-time basis on my own at the same time? Not in the slightest.

Thus, it is with a strangely happy heart that I have decided to close the door and shutter the windows of Dryvetyme Onlyne once and for all, but I do so while seeking out another aperture or two. It really boils down to this – since a 7-month hiatus is quite a long time in Internet “years,” I felt that making a return to this specific website wouldn’t be very interesting or worth my time. Sure, I might have over 5 years of fantastic content stored here, but if I were to attempt any sort of return to regular writing (whether it be music review, short stories, or anything else), I wanted it to be new, fresh, and as free from stress as possible.

Thus, I’m going to start penning record reviews again, but I will be posting them instead to my personal Tumblr site – aptly named Dryvetyme Onlyne. Simply put, the relaxed and whimsical feel of that platform greatly suits my attitude about the music review these days, and along with my Twitter feed, it presents a picture of my personality and worldview that is much more holistic in nature. I probably won’t post 4-6 reviews a week like I did in the good ol’ days; I think 1 a week or so will probably do the trick.

As usual, I also have several different ideas for books brewing, and maybe I’ll finally work up the courage and momentum to pursue one of those ideas to its proper conclusion. If I can succeed with If This Parking Lot Could Speak, I should feel confident enough to finish another book or two in my lifetime. Thus, I can’t chase down other literary dreams if all I’m doing is writing record reviews about whatever hip buzzbands happen to be occupying space in my inbox this week.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed my time operating this site. I might have not become the next well-known music critic, but I’ve met some great people and listened to some fantastic records. In the long run, that’s what I enjoy most about music as an art form – it has this curious ability to provide both the backing soundtrack and the driving impetus for an amazing time with your friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who has ever read a review, left a comment, or given me any sort of encouragement about Dryvetyme Onlyne. If you do happen to visit this site and are interested in submitting music for a potential review, please visit me at the “other” Dryvetyme Onlyne or follow me on Twitter – I’m much more interesting there.


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