June 23, 2011

Dryvetyme Onlyne Goes On Extended Hiatus

I’ve thought long and hard about how to broach this topic with you, my dear readers. Several drafts of this post have been written in my head, and my wife and I have had very long talks about what this decision might even entail. Nevertheless, much as I did back in May 2010, I am taking a hiatus from this blog of mine, yet there’s a great chance that this one will last more than two or three months.

I’ve put a great deal of hard work into this site over the past few years, as I haven’t wanted to skimp on actual, incisive content and critical reflection upon music, as opposed to racking up blog hits and street cred by focusing on the most minute and fleeting flavors of the nanosecond. On one hand, the decision to go on hiatus been rather easy to make, as I’m excited to see what lies on the other side of operating a D-List music blog on my own on a nearly full-time basis. On the other hand, I know that I will miss writing about music on a regular basis, as I have loved everything I’ve done for the past five years.

And it’s been a great five years. The first two years of this site were filled with the occasional review, pictures of my time working at Boy Scout Summer Camp, half-assed poetry, and my random thoughts and ramblings about life, religion, and politics – much in the vein of a traditional, classically styled blog. For the past three years, I’ve made this site exclusively music-oriented, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – from writing record reviews across the musical spectrum (stylistically and in terms of origin) to covering various festivals to posting all sorts of free mp3’s for you to download.

Many of you might be wondering exactly I have planned for the next several months. First of all, I will continue to push and talk about my recently published collection of short stories – If This Parking Lot Could Speak. Second, I have a couple of really great book ideas (both fiction and non-fiction) that I really want to pursue, and I feel that it will be difficult to make any sort of headway on these projects while both working a full-time job and maintaining this blog at a level I feel is worth my energies. Furthermore, there’s a distinct part of me that wants to seek out ways in which I can employ my writing talents and knowledge of various aspects of the music scene along a totally different tangent than that of just critiquing music, and I’m already making mild strides along that path. And lastly, I simply want to write more short stories, and hopefully, I can get some of those published.

I do want to thank all of you for reading and following along over these last five years. Specifically, I want to extend my sincerest thanks to all my friends who’ve served as occasional guest contributors over the last few years, most notably the inestimable Michael Dallas Miller and the effervescent Jenn Broadwell. And, I would be remiss in mentioning my lovely wife Jennifer, as she’s endured all sorts of music permeating our vehicles and apartment over the last three years – whether good, bad, weird, or intriguing – but she’s never failed to support my dreams of becoming a writer on my terms.

If/When I do choose to start writing music reviews again (whether on this blog or at another outlet), you will certainly be the first to know. It’s been a great experience, and I’m glad that you’ve been here with me. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to keep following me further online at Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks so much – you’ve all been great. Peace.

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