June 22, 2011

Gritsy 5th Anniversary Party

Simply by reading the reviews I post on this blog, most of you probably aren’t aware of my affinity to left-of-center electronic music. Specifically, I’ve grown rather fond of genres like dubstep and grime in the past three years, and like any good music critic and/or hipster, I liked the stuff before it was cool (much less over-hyped in certain quarters of the blogosphere).

Thus, I’m happy to help the fine folks at Gritsy announce their magnificent and massive :5th Anniversary Party, which is set to go down this Saturday, June 25th, 2011. Houston, TX doesn’t get much love in the overall music and culture press, but we’re doing a lot of good in this town, and Suraj K and his band of bassheads deserve a LOT of credit for for spreading the dubstep love in Houston for 5 years now. This monthly event has come a long way from when I attended my first show over three years ago: there were a couple dozen male music nerds upstairs at La Strada all nodding their heads to wobbly bass lines in the dark. Now, the show regularly sells out both sides of Warehouse Live, a good-sized music venue in Houston, TX that is a regular stop for national touring acts.

Judging by headlining act alone – Mala of UK-based Digital Mystikz – this night is set to be outrageous and packed with people who love bass, love dancing, and love a great night out on the town. Not only will there be other excellent DJs (including Houston, TX’s own Suraj K and Squincy Jones) who’ll be performing that night, but there will two other stages that night ready to blur all sorts of genre lines within the dance/techno/electro communities.

So, I would like to applaud Gritsy for all of the great work they’re doing to advance the cause of dubstep and forward-thinking, bass-heavy electro music. Happy 5th Anniversary from Dryvetyme Onlyne!

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