May 18, 2011

One Win Choice – Conveyor

One Win Choice
Jump Start; 2011

In my estimation, the reason that many young music fans experience a phase where they listen to nothing except punk and hardcore music is because there’s something nearly pure about the sort of emotions at play. Yes, the old and aged amongst us can mock such youthful energy by calling it angst or disaffection, or simply by disdaining it as the purview of those who haven’t experienced the heavy hands that life can deal someone. Yet, the older I become, the more that I come to grips with the essence of punk and hardcore in a way that I never could when I was actually in my teens and early 20’s. It is because I’ve had a few years under my belt that I can really appreciate the passion, the torment, and the anguish displayed by kids barely out of adolescence as they attempt to come to grips with their world.

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