May 9, 2011

Media Monday – 05/09/2011

I hope you’re having a great 2011 so far. Enjoy this week’s selections, because there’s a bunch of really good stuff here!

  1. Music:
    a. Binarium Podcast #4 – Damon Smith and Sandy EwenBinarium Productions
    b. Binarium Podcast #5 – Robert PearsonBinarium Productions
    c. “Fingers” (radio edit)Roxy Rawson
    d. “Philanthropy”Roxy Rawson
    e. “Hey Love”Max Burgundy
    f. “Majoring In The Arts”“Ambre”Nils Frahm
    h. “Said And Done”Nils Frahm
    i. “Longitude”Sam Roberts Band
    j. “Sing”Sounds Under Radio
    k. “Broken Bone”Iceage
    l. “My Skateboard Will Go On”Anamanguchi
    m. “Heartling”John LaMonica
    n. “Rapper Turned Singer”Andy Petr
    o. “Drinking Milk From His Hands”Andy Petr
    p. “Get It (I Know You’re Going To)”Pat Jordache
    q. “Reprise”Hospital Ships
    r. “Honey, Please”Hospital Ships
    s. “Love Or Death”Hospital Ships
    t. “Blanket”Bachelorette
    u. “Pirata”Ocote Soul Sounds
    v. “Work”1,2,3
    w. “Morning Son”Country Mice
    x. “Cog”Eternal Summers
    y. “Tamer Animals”Other Lives
    z. “Cuando Pasa”Soema Montenegro
    aa. “Left Side Rock”Brian Olive
  2. Video:
    a. “Wait So Long”Trampled By Turtles
    b. “Majoring In The Arts”“Sitting On The Edge”“Embracing The Modern Age”“Dirty Night Clowns”Chris Garneau
    f. “Fireflies”Chris Garneau
    g. “Colour Of Fire”Mechanical Bride
    h. “When I Was A Mocking Bird”Matt Bauer
    i. “Dig Down Deep”Vandaveer
    j. “Chrome Cavities”Fredrik
    k. “Reprise”Hospital Ships
    l. “Her Rotating Head”Bachelorette
    m. “New Brigade”Iceage

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