April 25, 2011

Media Monday – 04/25/2011

It’s almost May. Surprised?

In terms of free music to download, I first must implore you to obtain The Boy Kisser Sessions +3 by Cattle Drums. Read my review of this fantastic record if you don’t believe me.

In general, there are lots of good tunes this week. I hope you like a few of them.

  1. Music:
    a. “Stop Motion”Dead Rider
    b. “What Was Said”Cannons And Clouds
    c. “River Parade”Cannons And Clouds
    d. “The Sun”Pink Frost
    e. “Locomotive” (Beach Fossils Remix)Alex Winston
    f. “Lost Weekend”Art Brut
    g. “Ready To Go”Bare Wires
    h. “Generation”Liturgy
    i. “For 12”Other Lives
    j. “Sparrow”Saviour Adore
    k. “Egyptian Magician”Xray Eyeballs
    l. “Drinking Milk From His Hands”Andy Petr
    m. “Upside Down”J. Pinder
    n. “C’mon Doll”My Goodness
    o. “Little Furnace”Jim Guthrie
    p. “Blue Star”Seapony
    q. “Whiskey For Breakfast”The Real Nasty
    r. “Bobby”Butcher The Bar
    s. “Keeping Secrets”The Royal Bear
    t. “Sad Again”Greg Dember
    u. “Violin Case”Handsome Orders
    v. “Coma Summer” (Speculator’s Subconscious Mix)Weekend
    x. “Perfectly Crystal” (Beach Fossils / Spirit Animal Remix)Asobi Suksu
    y. “Perfectly Crystal” (Xiu Xiu Remix)Asobi Suksu
    z. “California Wildfire”The Henry Clay People
    aa. “Get Well Soon”Sarabeth Tucek
    bb. “Gastronomic Meal”The Yellow Dogs
  2. Video:
    a. “Honey Touches”Ponytail
    b. “Every Minute Alone”WhoMadeWho
    c. “Vanessa”Grimes
    d. “The Sun”Pink Frost
    e. “Embrace”Ben Sollee
    f. “Electrified”Ben Sollee
    g. “Hurting”
    Ben Sollee
    h. “In Every Direction” (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)Junip
    i. “About Brothers”Delay Trees
    j. “Two Pigeons”Cattle Drums
    k. “Heart Attack”Neon Indian
    l. “Gasoline Rainbows”Amy Kuney
    m. “I Know She Does”Just Another Snake Cult
    n. “Trip”Vacationer
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