April 11, 2011

Media Monday – 04/11/2011

As per my usual on Mondays at the time, I’m here to present you with another collection of free music to download, along with a few videos for your perusal.

If you’re interested (and you really should be), I would encourage you to download Daysquatter – the new compilation from the folks at Crash Avenue If you do chose to give a bit of money when you get the record, all proceeds go to the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation.

  1. Music:
    a. “Emmanuel Road”The Jolly Boys
    b. “Is This The Last Time?”“Led To Sea
    c. “All Your Lovers”Telepathique
    d. “Big Broom”Races
    e. “Les Enfants du Paradis”World’s End Girlfriend
    f. “The Extraordinary Things We Fear”Arron Dean
    g. Bunhill FieldsAmor de Dias
    h. “Silver Hands”Almeda
    i. “Discoveries”Only Thieves
    j. “Flood Lights”Only Thieves
    k. “Shadow Boxing”Damon & Naomi
    l. “Remains”White Belt Yellow Tag
    m. “Ever Falling In Love”Times New Viking
    n. “White Rune”Iceage
    o. “Hard Workin’ Man”Natural Child
    p. “Beware”Brontosaurus
    q. After The Fall
    r. “Ruins”After The Fall
  2. Video:
    a. “Chicken, Chicken”Telepathique
    b. “Les Enfants du Paradis”World’s End Girlfriend
    c. “Bury Me”Girls Names
    d. “Add Ends”When Saints Go Machine
    e. “Glide”Candi And The Strangers
    f. “Die With Your Chin Up” (directed by Ray Concepcion) – Smith Westerns
    g. “Albatross” (directed by Dave Ma) – Wild Beasts
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