March 3, 2011

George Glass – George Glass EP

George Glass
George Glass EP
Self-Released; 2010

As a self-proclaimed “D-List Music Blogger,” I’m continually surprised by how many independent bands happen across my site and offer up their albums to me. Such a proclamation is by no means a complaint, but I unfortunately receive much more music than I (or my stable of two infrequent guest contributors) am able to review. So, in classic blogger style, I tend to write up only those acts who I find worth commenting upon, as I figure that, if I don’t like something personally, an up-and-coming band doesn’t need a negative review by some nobody like me clouding their resume.

Thus, I would like to present you with the music of George Glass. On its debut self-titled EP, this Los Angeles-based outfit crafts swaggering garage rock with beached-out indie flair. Vintage guitar sounds dominate the tunes, as they’re warm, fuzzy, and in possession of the right amount of snarl, though I greatly appreciate the prominence of bass and drums in the overall mix. The vocals are pleasantly disaffected, sounding tired without being sad or glum, and the various arrangements of verses, choruses, bridges, and hooks provide off-kilter setups on classic material.

Standout tracks “A Brief History Of Who I Love,” “For The Headless,” and “Tricks Of The Tradeless” evince a ‘60s-meets-‘90s slacker rock feel, but with some solid pop smarts keeping things on the straight and narrow. On the whole, these are crisp, sharp songs with very little bluster or filler, calling to mind a child born into an open relationship between Spoon, The Soft Pack, and Morning Benders. The melodies and chord changes do twist, turn, and tumble a bit, but you’d never know it from how brisk and accessible the music is.

Suffice to say, I found the George Glass EP to be a rather super debut record. I dug the “It’s Always Sunny In California,” roadtrip-ready music, and it seems that these guys are well versed in various strains of rock, pop, folk, and alt-country. Here’s hoping George Glass will make its way to Austin, TX for SXSW late this month.

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