February 9, 2009

Media Monday – 02/09/2009

In case you were wondering if this feature still had the steam to keep on comin’, never fear! I have come to value the concept and reality of what this feature has to offer. However, I’m still considering merging the once-a-month “Free Music Friday” post into these weekly “Media Monday” posts, so please let me know if you have a preference. I’m here to serve my readers!

1) First up, the Grammy Awards were given out last night and the full list of awards can be found here. Surprises include the boatload of awards that Robert Plant & Alison Krauss walked away with for their duet album Raising Sand, surprising not because it wasn’t a lovely record, but that it garnered so much love in a field dominated by acts in a year where the Grammy people wanted to prove they are still moderately relevant.

< Begin Rant > Yet, I still doubt those attempts at relevancy due to this statement posted on the Grammy site: “For recordings released during the Eligibility Year October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008.” Really? For an awards show on the night of Sunday, February 8th, 2009, you consider records that are 16 months old, but not any records that are 3-4 months old? In a day and age where access to media is damn near instantaneous, to have an “Eligibility Year” that is so far in the past is amazing and sad to me. Here’s a prime example: I love Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 live record, but the fact the idea that a record released in late 2007 can win an award in early 2009 to be rather ludicrous. There are aggressive rappers and rock bands out there that hypothetically might have released newer material than their November 2007 album, but their December 2008 record wouldn’t get consideration for the 2009 Grammy Awards. This is why so many people really don’t care about this stuff any more. < End Rant >

BTW – my boy Lil Wayne raked it in last night with awards for the following: Best Rap Album (for Tha Carter III), Best Rap Song (for “Lollipop”), Best Rap Solo Performance (for “A Milli”), and a few more where he collaborated with other artists. Congrats!

Also, here’s Radiohead’s live performance of “15 Steps” at the Grammys.

2) Here’s the promo video for the 02/09/2009 episode of No Reservations. This week, Anthony discusses his favorite bits of “food porn” with famous chefs such as Eric Ripert, Alan Wong, Martin Picard, and others. This episode might not be for the gastronomically faint at heart.

3) Here’s the new video from Still Flyin’“Good Things It’s a Ghost Town Around Here”.

4) Here’s the new video from Nite Jewel“Artificial Intelligence”.

5) Here’s the new video from Days Drive, a brand-new trio out of Houston, TX – “Boring Saturday”.

To those who might still be reading at this point: if you are interested in seeing a greater diversity of content in this feature, feel free to leave a comment expressing your preferences and opinions.

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