January 9, 2009

Late Nite Wars – Late Nite Wars EP

Late Nite Wars
Late Nite Wars EP
Self-Released; 2008

One of the issues that I often face when writing record reviews from underground and unsigned bands is that, in the vast majority of the cases, the music therein is wholly average. At best, the project is filled with potential, the promise of the greatness to come if the band keeps practicing and playing shows; at worst, it’s the product of copycats pretending to be musicians who decided to waste their money in a studio. On their debut self-titled EP, Late Nite Wars tend to fall on the “potential and promise” end of the spectrum, in that, though I want to like this band more than I do, I’ve also heard more than my fill of energetic, yet still middling, punk-meets-hardcore acts over the course of this decade. While the record starts off with the rollicking “Junior Year,” tracks like “Dragon The Anchor” and “The Cool Thing To Do” are a bit too stale for my tastes. Late Nite Wars seems to be filled with upbeat energy and fist-pumping intensity, elements necessary for quality pop-punk, but time will tell where the band heads with the development and growth of their sound.

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